Charles Barkley says Miami must win Game 6 as they'll 'get their ass whooped like a dog' in Boston

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Charles Barkley says Miami must triumph Game 6 because they'll 'get their ass whooped for illustration a dog' if they suffer and person to return to Boston for decider... aft Celtics brought nan bid backmost to 3-2

  • Miami led nan Conference Finals 3-0 but person since mislaid back-to-back games 
  • Boston blew nan doors disconnected nan Heat Thursday nighttime pinch a 110-97 Game 5 victory 
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By Patrick Djordjevic For Dailymail.Com

Published: 05:16 BST, 26 May 2023 | Updated: 05:46 BST, 26 May 2023

Charles Barkley came done connected his guarantee and promised Miami would look a daunting destiny if its incapable to adjacent retired nan Eastern Conference Finals bid astatine location Saturday night. 

The Heat were once again blown out, losing 110-97, as nan Celtics clawed nan bid to 3-2 aft trailing 0-3. 

Now Erik Spoelstra's squad person a 3rd opportunity to punch their summons to nan NBA Finals, wherever Denver awaits. According to Barkley, it will beryllium their last chance. 

'Miami cognize Game 6 is Game 7 for them,' he said connected TNT. 'Cause if they travel backmost up here, they gon' get their ass whooped for illustration a canine successful Game 7.'

Barkley was assured successful nan C's heading into Game 5 astatine nan TD Garden, truthful overmuch truthful he promised to spot immoderate of his Floridian friends connected Saturday. Often known for his botched guarantees, nan Chuckster came done successful this instance. 

Charles Barkley was adamant astatine halftime of Celtics-Heat Game 5 that Miami must triumph Game 6

Jayson Tatum was 1 of 4 Boston starters to people complete 20 points successful nan 110-97 blowout

'Hey, fat Dan LeBatard and your fat daddy -- saccharine Ms. Lourdes -- I'll spot you Saturday, guaranteed!'

Understandably Barkley's theatrics caused laughter from sidekick Shaquille O'Neal connected nan TNT broadcast. 

With nan momentum firmly successful Boston's favor, nan erstwhile seemingly-inevitable ending to this bid is now successful jeopardy. 

'Two days ago, maine and Kenny had plans to beryllium successful nan Bahamas,' O'Neal said postgame. 

Duncan Robinson led each Heat scorers with 18 points disconnected nan chair arsenic Miami caput location to FL.

'For me, it's going to beryllium a conflict of wills. Chuck deliberation it's a must-win for Miami, I thin to work together pinch him.'

Barkley added that it 'didn't mean anything' that Game 6 was backmost successful Miami's gym. 

'If these 2 teams play their best, nan Celtics are going to win.. If they make shots and play bully defense they're going not [just win] Game 6 and Game 7.'

Barkley would not spell arsenic acold arsenic to prime Boston for Game 6 fixed 'we don't cognize which Celtics squad will show up.'

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